Country (Dream) House

I believe every one of us have a dream house, neither do I. But for me, dream house is really something, it's not just wish or just another dream, but I have to make it come true despite it really is beautiful and effective. This is a gorgeous house, I must say. This country style home is my favorite. Hommy, makes everyone wanna go home soon and forget their work. The interior seems simple and doesn't seem put much effort in designing and cleaning the house. Yeap, cleaning is the most important thing of designing an interior home. If you are too much in accessorizing, you'll end up tired in wipe all of the things.
Since I really love decor interior and exterior, I will post more about this in the future.
And thanks to her for the inspirational home. This gorgeous house belongs to theglamoroushousewife blog. 


Healthy life. Start!

Yeay, it’s time to lose some fat and lightening my body weight. As a shabby chic lady, I need to stay slim so I have more energy to wandering around. FYI, already 1 week since I'm doing this healthy lifestyle. Please excuse for Saturday and Sunday because I eat lots of unhealthy food such as crepes with cheesecake and oreo filling (oh no!). Gonna updating soon my healthy life progress. 

PS: I don't know why but I just feel this will do something for me. Please go away sagging arm and stomach fat.