3 life lesson today

Just came back from work. In my preference, I don't like working on sunday morning, but I have to arrive in ny office at 05.35. And guess what, I woke up at 04.39. I think I became a master of getting-ready-super-fast. Yeah, I mean at 5.05 I'm done with my preparation and ready to go. A bit proud of myself. And luckily I set my focus to do good at work and it works, I got good comments from my supervisor and it quite made my day. But he told me that I need to work on my appearance. I know, I know, I'm gaining more kilos lately, around 5 kilos I must say. Regardless of being stress, I think it's just me who can not control myself. The food is eating me. The worst thing is I keep binging, even though I feel full I just keep buying and eating the food. Honestly I hate that kind of feeling, I feel useless and that makes me do the same thing on the next day. But I know I have to change. I HAVE TO. And I WILL. This January 11 makes a mark of the new me. I know I've been doing this like countless time, but well I need to start somewhere someday right. So, I will lose and maintain my weight. My goal is to lose 10kg on the next 3 months. Amen. 💪

Today I also feel kinda different, because I put on the positive vibes, and that makes the others feel my energy and they bring back the postive energy to me. Well, I think I need to do this very often. Just be more smikey and more open to people.  And I'd like to share about a thing, one of my best friend just lost her mother. She started fell sick last year and I couldn't make a visit and suddenly the mother just passed away. I feel so bad and so sad at the same time because I know her mother very well and actually I can make a time to pay a visit during my trip to Jakarta but I just didn't. Another life lesson: never push the snooze button regarding everything especially the one related  with relationship because you never know man, life is just like a grass, today its here and tomorrow its gone. I will appreciate people and relationship more, because sometimes I feel so ignorant and careless about other people. And that's another life lesson.

So today I am richer because I got 3 life lesson: 
• control yourself otherwise things will control you
• bring positive vibes wherever you go and it shall bounce back to you
• appreciate lives and relationship more.

And remember there are always hope whoever puts hope in Him. Happy Sunday all. 




Reflect back 2014

Happy New Year 2015 dear fellow. Hope what hasn't been done in 2014 will be done in 2015. It's the same with me. Just a glance throwback, last year was truly me being pulled out of my comfort zone. The first til half of the year, I've been waiting for my job called up, God taught me how to be patient and surrender everything to Him. Until the perfect time I moved to Singapore for my new job. Again, I have to adapt with new environment and new friends-which I don't feel comfort very well. I have to endure it but by grace I can pass it though with tears. Then, the first 3 months of me flying. It realy wasn't easy. The feeling of loneliness, the feeling of merting new people every single day and no regular people in my life, I was homesick, churchsick, friendsick, and boyfriend sick. And the last to end the year, my boyfriend left for study in US. Even though I trust him and happy for him but still, the distant is just too far. That's about year 2014. I feel that God stretched me so much out of my comfort zone, I don't even have a time to breath, feels like nonstop of enlarging my capacity. But I believe, everything happen for a reason. 2015, even though I know nothing what lies in front of me, I just feel secure under His arm. Future shall be good. And yes, I sip a bit of Gis goodness and cannot wait for the next year.


Banana Apple Salad Recipe

I'm just being productive right now, I go outside most of my time of days, and here I am blogging. I don't know, I just fulfilling my long lost obsession: blogging. Since a very long time ago I really with to have an active blog so that anyone will read and recognise my blog. But blogging really took a courage: to write in the right manner, to post great pictures, to edit your great template, etc and etc. Well, I wish I could do that, but sometimes I just simply want to write what's in my mind and maybe I could give a little contribution to your daily life. And here I am, I'm just writing my thoughts, my daily life problem and some of my dreams without being fussy about any other detail things. Well, I want to beautifying my own blog, buttt thinking about it will take times, I'd rather write down first, then I will update it. Ha!
I will take great pictures, and will edit it and of course I will upload it on this blog, especially for recipes article, since you know, every time I cook I just to hungry to capture and beautifying it. My bad.

But today, I will give you another easy peasy recipe for you non-stop muncher like me. This meal usually for breakfast, but for me it's for my dinner-after-full-lunch. So it's kinda like a redeemer. It's raw, healthy, and you have a lot to munch without being so thoughtful about it, because it's just healthy as it is.

1 banana
Half apple
1 tbs raisins
1 cup of greek yoghurt
2 tsp sugar

How to:
1. Diced apple and sliced banana and throw it into salty water to avoid browning
2. Whisk sugar and yoghurt until mix well
3. Arrange your fruit, pour the dressing, top it with raisins.
4. Done!

Super easy right? I hope this recipe will help you find dinner ideas. Enjoy!


Kimcheese (Kimchi+Cheese) Gratin Recipe

What a beauty of waking up late!
Today is Monday and I wake at 9.30am. Monday is always been my lazy day, because of the usual hectic Saturday and Sunday when late sleep and dawn wake up routine, so I always give my self a little comfort by waking up late. It's okay isn't it? 

So, today I make my very own dieting journal, which isa very easy to make-since-I am burnnnnn to lose weight and being toned. Therefore, I make myself a diary and be a little creative today. 

It's a pretty handy journal isn't it?

Well, following Blogilates #NewBodyMakeOver plan, I keen on my diet by tracking every food I ate and manage to take every picture of it and also to keep an active lifestyle, because lately I've been really lazy and barely move my ass. But I will change for the sake of appearance and my healthy and future job, I will be healthy. Anyway, when following Blogilates #NewBodyMakeOver plan, I don't really follow her meal plan, it's just I don't really keen on Western food, so I choose to make or consume the food that I like in healthier way. Such as healthier version of Indonesian Food, Japanese Food, Korean Food, and Mexican Food, which means there will be easy-delicious-healthy recipes coming your way, because I do love that combination: easy-delicious-healthy. 

I love kimchi. Say what? Kim-chee. Even though I'm Indonesian, but I love Kimchi all the way. It's texture, mixed flavour, and not to mention the healthy effect if you consume it, make me love to eat this more. This recipe eastern and western encounter, when you mix kimchi and cheese. It's heaven. Well, if you're a kimchi lover like me, you gotta try this recipe, because its really dang good. 

The recipe adapted from here


(well-fermented) Kimchi
Kimchi juice
Cooked brown rice or white rice
Olive oil
1 egg
Chopped garlic
Chopped onion
Mozzarella cheese
Red bean
Salt & pepper

How to:
1. Soaked and boil red bean until tender, set aside.
Don't forget to preheat you oven 160 c degrees.
2. Gently shake your kimchi, cut it into small square around 1cm, set aside.
3. Heat the pan, and drizzle some olive oil, add onion the garlic and cook until golden brown, add kimchi and cook for about 5 minutes on high heat. 
4. Add 2 tbs of chicken stock if you like, to enhance the flavour.
5. After the kimchi is well cooked, add brown rice, mix well, pour kimchi juice and fry until no soggy. Then seasoned it with salt and pepper
6. Lower down the heat, add cracked egg, mix it, the turn off the heat. You may now add 1/3 of mozzarella cheese and red bean
7. Prepare your oven dish, spray with cooking oil, put the mixture into the dish, layover 3/4 part of mozzarella cheese on top
8. Place it on oven for about 15 minutes or until the cheese melted.
9. Voila! Your Kimcheese gratin now ready to be served.

I like to serve it warm, and dip in chilli sauce. It is tasty, filling yet delicious, just remember the portion sizes.


(re)start healthy and skinny lifestyle


Well you guys probably know that I was on diet a few months ago, and I succeed. From 59kg to 55kg. That's a great number. A great achievement, because it was the lightest of me for the past years. I am happy, also I got the job I want, so… the euphoria is going on. Because I'm happy of the job, because me proud of see the persistent side of me, so

I eat

a lot


Now I gain 57kg-58kg.

Oh no.

I need to go back soon. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I am embarrassed of myself on how greedy I am over food, just like I never eat that food. I need to conduct healthy and skinny lifestyle. It's not about the job, it's not about the people surrounding me, but it's about me. I finally understood the big culprit of me gaining weight is the excuse of PMS, it happens a few times. So, now, no tomorrow, I decided to go back to my healthy and skinny lifestyle.

Here is my recipe to owing weight, quite fast:

Green smoothies or bowl of fruit. 
Usually I have late breakfast around 10am.

Salad or japanese food or korean food or indonesian food
I prepare my own lunch otherwise my mom cooked it for me. I rarely had my lunch outside, Saturday and Sunday are exception.

almond or banana or mung bean
I have my healthiest choice of snack

Everything that consist of vegetables, in small size
I have my latest food intake at 7 or 8 pm.

Honestly, I rarely have my exercise, only 3 times a week, and its only exercising at my room.

And I drink, lots and lots of water.


Now my weight is 58kg (sob), my goal weight is 54kg or at least 55kg on 1st of January, which means 20 days more. 

I can do it! I have to do it!

I will make a report weekly and take pictures of everything I eat on this blog. Plus easy healthy recipe for you guys to try. FIghting!!!!


Easy Tempeh Wrap Recipe

So I just had the best guilt-free supper in my life. It turns out that my stomach grumbling after no food intake for the last 10 hours. I know I'm on my-shrinking-body mode on, but for the sake of my healthy, I'll listen to my body. It is the wisest way to losing weight in healthy way right? So, I decided to peek on my refrigerator, what would I have for my supper without adding much fat. And voila, I just mastered a.k.a recreate the best tempe for hungry stomach, guilt-free food, filling, healthy yet so delicious. I call it Sweet Soy Sauce Tempe with Egg on Top. To long? Whatever, it's my right to named it. 

Let's flash back for a moment. I've never be a fan of tempeh or tempe. It is my everyday home cooked since I was little.  Because it is cheap and you can get it easily anywhere in farmers or local market. It usually cooked with its long-lost brother: tofu or tahu. So, I never really enjoyed or dislike tempeh, because its everywhere. But there comes a moment when I love and missed tempe a lot, yeah, when I was in Singapore, when tempe was one of my comforting food, when tempe was so tasteless in Singapore. That moment, I missed and adored tempe a lot. HAHA. Funny right, you all Indonesians will know how we treat tempe.
And surprisingly, tempe now called as one of the superfood in United States because of the rich protein and high in fibre.  See, it's the right way to adoring tempe, well, even the States adores it. 

Well here is the glorious Soy Sauce Tempe with Egg on Top recipe. Oh my I just want to have it some more. 

(Soaked Tempe)
Fresh tempe
Bay leaves
Soy sauce
Chopped shallots
Salt and pepper to taste

Some more soy sauce
Sambal terasi (chilli paste) if you like more spiciness)

How to:
1. Cook your broth: Sautéed union until its nice and golden brown, add bay leaves, soy sauce, then pour water. Adjust the seasoning.
2. Add tempe, and cooked it on medium heat until all the broth absorbed. It may take to 1 hour. (the longer the better)
3. When your tempe are already cooked, you may eat it directly or stored it for later. I prefer to store it in fridge, and make my version when in SOS time.
4. Cut your tempe into bite size (I cut it by spoon). Add some more soy sauce, mix well. Heat it on microwave for 30 seconds.
5. Cracked your egg on top of the tempe mixture, cooked in microwave for 1 min and 60 seconds (or your preferable 'doneness" for your egg). 
6. Take it out, and can you see the sizzling sound caused by the tempe and soy sauce, just like when you grilled it. Enjoy with a dip of samba terasi. OR if you want healthier and more filling choice, go grab your lettuce, and put it in your mouth. Delicious!!!

PS: I'll post the picture later. Promise.


Lesson learned in 23

Seriously, one of the worst mistake you would ever had is following other’s command, and bother your passion. It is a killer for your soul, spreading fast to your body, but thanks God I am strong in spiritual life.

Lesson learned: never trade your passion cheaply for money nor for parent’s will. If you work for your passion, money will comply.

Michelle, 23 years old, just learned one of the greatest life lesson. And she promise that she will do and follow her passion for the rest of her life.

I wanna free and fly like a bird, visiting places I’ve never been before without worrying about what happens on the ground. See beautiful things, hear to harmonious melodic sounds, and feel the prettiest each day.