3 life lesson today

Just came back from work. In my preference, I don't like working on sunday morning, but I have to arrive in ny office at 05.35. And guess what, I woke up at 04.39. I think I became a master of getting-ready-super-fast. Yeah, I mean at 5.05 I'm done with my preparation and ready to go. A bit proud of myself. And luckily I set my focus to do good at work and it works, I got good comments from my supervisor and it quite made my day. But he told me that I need to work on my appearance. I know, I know, I'm gaining more kilos lately, around 5 kilos I must say. Regardless of being stress, I think it's just me who can not control myself. The food is eating me. The worst thing is I keep binging, even though I feel full I just keep buying and eating the food. Honestly I hate that kind of feeling, I feel useless and that makes me do the same thing on the next day. But I know I have to change. I HAVE TO. And I WILL. This January 11 makes a mark of the new me. I know I've been doing this like countless time, but well I need to start somewhere someday right. So, I will lose and maintain my weight. My goal is to lose 10kg on the next 3 months. Amen. 💪

Today I also feel kinda different, because I put on the positive vibes, and that makes the others feel my energy and they bring back the postive energy to me. Well, I think I need to do this very often. Just be more smikey and more open to people.  And I'd like to share about a thing, one of my best friend just lost her mother. She started fell sick last year and I couldn't make a visit and suddenly the mother just passed away. I feel so bad and so sad at the same time because I know her mother very well and actually I can make a time to pay a visit during my trip to Jakarta but I just didn't. Another life lesson: never push the snooze button regarding everything especially the one related  with relationship because you never know man, life is just like a grass, today its here and tomorrow its gone. I will appreciate people and relationship more, because sometimes I feel so ignorant and careless about other people. And that's another life lesson.

So today I am richer because I got 3 life lesson: 
• control yourself otherwise things will control you
• bring positive vibes wherever you go and it shall bounce back to you
• appreciate lives and relationship more.

And remember there are always hope whoever puts hope in Him. Happy Sunday all. 



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