Reflect back 2014

Happy New Year 2015 dear fellow. Hope what hasn't been done in 2014 will be done in 2015. It's the same with me. Just a glance throwback, last year was truly me being pulled out of my comfort zone. The first til half of the year, I've been waiting for my job called up, God taught me how to be patient and surrender everything to Him. Until the perfect time I moved to Singapore for my new job. Again, I have to adapt with new environment and new friends-which I don't feel comfort very well. I have to endure it but by grace I can pass it though with tears. Then, the first 3 months of me flying. It realy wasn't easy. The feeling of loneliness, the feeling of merting new people every single day and no regular people in my life, I was homesick, churchsick, friendsick, and boyfriend sick. And the last to end the year, my boyfriend left for study in US. Even though I trust him and happy for him but still, the distant is just too far. That's about year 2014. I feel that God stretched me so much out of my comfort zone, I don't even have a time to breath, feels like nonstop of enlarging my capacity. But I believe, everything happen for a reason. 2015, even though I know nothing what lies in front of me, I just feel secure under His arm. Future shall be good. And yes, I sip a bit of Gis goodness and cannot wait for the next year.

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