Banana Apple Salad Recipe

I'm just being productive right now, I go outside most of my time of days, and here I am blogging. I don't know, I just fulfilling my long lost obsession: blogging. Since a very long time ago I really with to have an active blog so that anyone will read and recognise my blog. But blogging really took a courage: to write in the right manner, to post great pictures, to edit your great template, etc and etc. Well, I wish I could do that, but sometimes I just simply want to write what's in my mind and maybe I could give a little contribution to your daily life. And here I am, I'm just writing my thoughts, my daily life problem and some of my dreams without being fussy about any other detail things. Well, I want to beautifying my own blog, buttt thinking about it will take times, I'd rather write down first, then I will update it. Ha!
I will take great pictures, and will edit it and of course I will upload it on this blog, especially for recipes article, since you know, every time I cook I just to hungry to capture and beautifying it. My bad.

But today, I will give you another easy peasy recipe for you non-stop muncher like me. This meal usually for breakfast, but for me it's for my dinner-after-full-lunch. So it's kinda like a redeemer. It's raw, healthy, and you have a lot to munch without being so thoughtful about it, because it's just healthy as it is.

1 banana
Half apple
1 tbs raisins
1 cup of greek yoghurt
2 tsp sugar

How to:
1. Diced apple and sliced banana and throw it into salty water to avoid browning
2. Whisk sugar and yoghurt until mix well
3. Arrange your fruit, pour the dressing, top it with raisins.
4. Done!

Super easy right? I hope this recipe will help you find dinner ideas. Enjoy!

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