Easy Tempeh Wrap Recipe

So I just had the best guilt-free supper in my life. It turns out that my stomach grumbling after no food intake for the last 10 hours. I know I'm on my-shrinking-body mode on, but for the sake of my healthy, I'll listen to my body. It is the wisest way to losing weight in healthy way right? So, I decided to peek on my refrigerator, what would I have for my supper without adding much fat. And voila, I just mastered a.k.a recreate the best tempe for hungry stomach, guilt-free food, filling, healthy yet so delicious. I call it Sweet Soy Sauce Tempe with Egg on Top. To long? Whatever, it's my right to named it. 

Let's flash back for a moment. I've never be a fan of tempeh or tempe. It is my everyday home cooked since I was little.  Because it is cheap and you can get it easily anywhere in farmers or local market. It usually cooked with its long-lost brother: tofu or tahu. So, I never really enjoyed or dislike tempeh, because its everywhere. But there comes a moment when I love and missed tempe a lot, yeah, when I was in Singapore, when tempe was one of my comforting food, when tempe was so tasteless in Singapore. That moment, I missed and adored tempe a lot. HAHA. Funny right, you all Indonesians will know how we treat tempe.
And surprisingly, tempe now called as one of the superfood in United States because of the rich protein and high in fibre.  See, it's the right way to adoring tempe, well, even the States adores it. 

Well here is the glorious Soy Sauce Tempe with Egg on Top recipe. Oh my I just want to have it some more. 

(Soaked Tempe)
Fresh tempe
Bay leaves
Soy sauce
Chopped shallots
Salt and pepper to taste

Some more soy sauce
Sambal terasi (chilli paste) if you like more spiciness)

How to:
1. Cook your broth: Sautéed union until its nice and golden brown, add bay leaves, soy sauce, then pour water. Adjust the seasoning.
2. Add tempe, and cooked it on medium heat until all the broth absorbed. It may take to 1 hour. (the longer the better)
3. When your tempe are already cooked, you may eat it directly or stored it for later. I prefer to store it in fridge, and make my version when in SOS time.
4. Cut your tempe into bite size (I cut it by spoon). Add some more soy sauce, mix well. Heat it on microwave for 30 seconds.
5. Cracked your egg on top of the tempe mixture, cooked in microwave for 1 min and 60 seconds (or your preferable 'doneness" for your egg). 
6. Take it out, and can you see the sizzling sound caused by the tempe and soy sauce, just like when you grilled it. Enjoy with a dip of samba terasi. OR if you want healthier and more filling choice, go grab your lettuce, and put it in your mouth. Delicious!!!

PS: I'll post the picture later. Promise.

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