starting my day

    Starting my day with some sport, yeah after unproductive week, eh month, doing nothing, finally made up my mind. Thennn, here I am writing in front of my laptop still full of sweat. Haha. Woke up at 5.30 but why does it feels like 6.30 when the sun already rose, people start their activity, lots of motorcycle, car, garbage smoke. Ah, hate it. In my imagination, at least I would have some fresh air, but this is what I got. I never really like city, though I raised in city, I always prefer suburban area, where the grass is green, the sky are blue, and freshest air ever. Anyway, lets pray this day is gonna be a productive day for me, at least today I plan to make my primary travel journal, collect some pre-wed photos (no, I just like couples), searching for mandarin courses, yes this time I am serious, and attend WO incubator. Have a nice day!

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